THIS PRODUCT IS NOT CURRENTLY SUPPORTED. Its PATENT ISSUED access control method is being developed into a number of Access Management authorization services.

Crystallize Your Organization

Snowflake™ crystallizes your view of what’s going on and provides Visibility, Coordination and Control of your Tasks, Teams and Direct Reports in one powerful, inexpensive and easy to use online management solution. With Snowflake™ implementation takes minutes and there are NO roles or privileges to set up and maintain. Snowflake™ is an intelligent attribute based system that automatically takes care of the administrative details. You just go about your business and the system takes care of the rest.

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A new model for Personal and Organizational Management

Visibility, Coordination and Control of your Tasks, Teams and Direct Reports in one Solution!

Users can create Tasks for themselves, their Direct Reports, their fellow Team members or any other User in any Snowflake. Snowflake automatically manages which task recipients a user can assign a task to and which have to be asked to accept it. Snowflake also provides each user with a fully-integrated personal task list that contains all the tasks they perform or manage with one click access to task details, status, history, documents and more.

All users can create Teams and invite others from inside or outside their organization to be members. Team members share access to a Team Page and Snowflakes AUTOMATED ACCESS CONTROL insures inter-organizational security. Teams are very useful internally and for customers and suppliers as well as for outsourcing and partnership arrangements. They provide a seamless way to work with others from inside and outside your organization.

Within the Snowflake model, organizational chart relationships are created, navigated and managed by our Direct Report functionality. User Pages understand their relationships to each other in the org chart hierarchy and this automatically controls who has Access to & Authority over various parts of the organization. This allows you to stay up to date and on the same page with those that report to you and the work they are doing -- regardless of their physical location.

No more trying to piece together a solution! Only Snowflake™ combines these elements and delivers one integrated solution capable of managing today's dynamic organizations.